Family Engagement Calendar Template

Family engagement activity calendars can be a helpful tool to organize and advertise district events. Download a sample calendar template from Youth 4 Youth and customize to meet your school or district’s needs.

CARPE: Inclusive Schools and Improvement Methods for Equity

When working to improve human-centered outcomes like those in education and healthcare, a critical aspect of improvement is partnership with those who are most impacted by the system. While there is a range of roles that students and families may choose to play, schools should strive to create the conditions for authentic partnership. Intentionally building …

Overview of the Updated National Standards for Family-School Partnerships

“These updated National Standards for Family-School Partnerships are designed for multiple audiences, but especially: –School, district, and state education leaders who wish to ensure that their family-school partnership efforts are adequately implemented, funded, and monitored –PTA and other family and community leaders who want to know how to support and push their schools to better …

Fostering Family Engagement through Shared Leadership in The District, Schools, and Community

In this ethnographic case study, Ann M. Ishimaru examines how a collaboration emerged and evolved between a low-income Latino parent organizing group and the leadership of a rapidly changing school district. Using civic capacity and community organizing theories, Ishimaru seeks to understand the role of parents, goals, strategies, and change processes that characterize a school …

Joining Together to Create a Bold Vision for Next Generation Family Engagement

“This challenge paper starts with a brief overview of what we have learned over the past 50 years of family engagement research, practice, and policy, and a look at how this work has guided the challenge we have laid out. We go on to suggest key design principles and processes for building next generation family …

Youth.GOV Collaboration Profiles

Collaboration Profiles Collaborating with others can help you implement programs or services that are beyond your current reach. Once you articulate the goals you are focusing on, you may be surprised to realize who could be a potential partner in your efforts.

Dismantling Adultism Toolkit: How to Build & Maintain a Youth-Centered Organization

This toolkit was designed by youth leaders in New Orleans, LA, to present actionable strategies for organizations to elevate youth voices. The toolkit includes an organizational assessment tool, scorecard, and action template for organizations and districts to understand their own progress toward elevating youth voices and make a plan to improve.

The Oakland Reach

The HUB That’s Changing The Game. Real change happens at the intersection of organizing, advocacy,  and programming. Passionate and fearless parents. The Oakland REACH is a parent-run, parent-led powerful force for radical change. We educate and empower parents to demand high-quality schools for their children.

Memphis Lift

Memphis Lift is a grassroots organization (of parents) that facilitates parent advocacy and helps parents navigate education choices.

Solidarity-Driven Co-Design

In co-design, diverse stakeholders come together in order to collectively identify issues or problems of practice, and to design solutions. Co-design is an iterative process made up of cycles in which people: Build relationships & theorize around shared issues Design and develop tools, practices, processes, and other solutions that push beyond the status quo Enact …

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