Charting a Course to Equitable Collaboration: Learning from Parent Engagement Initiatives in the Road Map Project

“This multiple case study report represents the culmination of over a year of research by the University of Washington’s (UW) Equitable Parent-School Collaboration Research Project. The project sought to understand, document, and support promising district and neighborhood-based parent engagement efforts and indicators aimed at improving student outcomes and success within the context of a regional …

Equity in Family Engagement Toolkit

“Based on a Parent University collaboration with Academy of Music Production Education and Development (AMPED), Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), and the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), stakeholders produced this Equity in Family Engagement Toolkit to support educators as they engage with families toward student learning and achievement. Captured throughout 12 meetings, family voice …

Building Relationships Bridging Cultures: Cultural Brokering in Family Engagement

“Drawing on previous research and a comparative case study, this brief describes cultural brokers—individuals who acts as bridges between families and schools—and three promising strategies they used to engage families, especially those farthest from opportunities, in their children’s education: parent capacity building; culturally-specific relationship building; and systemic capacity building. We offer recommendations for cultural brokering …

Family Friendly Website Checklist

“This checklist is designed to aid schools in updating and creating professional school websites to meet student, family and community needs, while addressing ADA accessibly standards.”

Enhancing Family-School Collaboration with Diverse Families

“This brief is designed to help inform school leaders about how intentional collaboration with diverse families can be created through environments in which educators work alongside families on behalf of the students they serve. Recommendations for action are included.” Authors: Amanda Witte, Felicia Singleton, Tyler Smith and Patti Hershfeldt

Recasting Families and Communities as Co-Designers of Education in Tumultuous Times

“This policy memo, jointly released by the National Education Policy Center and the Family Leadership Design Collaborative, explores how justice-based approaches to family engagement can enable parents and families, particularly from communities of color, to contribute as fellow leaders in transforming schools and educational systems to better serve all children, families, and communities.” Authors: Ann …

Co-designing with Students: Presentation for Educators

This presentation from the CARPE College Access Network and HTH School of Graduate Education walks educators through the process of co-designing with students. Co-designing with students in the equity process and why it is an important part of the improvement for equity.

CARPE: Inclusive Schools and Improvement Methods for Equity

When working to improve human-centered outcomes like those in education and healthcare, a critical aspect of improvement is partnership with those who are most impacted by the system. While there is a range of roles that students and families may choose to play, schools should strive to create the conditions for authentic partnership. Intentionally building …

Fostering Family Engagement through Shared Leadership in The District, Schools, and Community

In this ethnographic case study, Ann M. Ishimaru examines how a collaboration emerged and evolved between a low-income Latino parent organizing group and the leadership of a rapidly changing school district. Using civic capacity and community organizing theories, Ishimaru seeks to understand the role of parents, goals, strategies, and change processes that characterize a school …

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