The Center for Racial Justice in Education

Curated lists of resources for a variety of essential areas. Resources for Talking about Race, Racism and Racialized Violence with Kids A Racial Justice Guide to the Winter Holiday Season for Educators and Families

Culturally Responsive Teaching: What You Need to Know

Provides the research base and rationale for culturally responsive teaching (CRT) and describes what it looks like, how to put it into practice, and ways to make family connections more culturally responsive, including a family survey in English and Spanish.

Understood Resources

Resources to help staff learn how to make sure families of color are heard by the school • Article: Why Families of Color May Feel Uncomfortable Communicating with Teachers (Afrika Afeni Mills, MEd) • Video: Tips for better parent-teacher communication (Afrika Afeni Mills, MEd) • Advice: Perspectives: How to Make Sure Black and Brown Families …

Language, Culture, and Teaching: Critical Perspectives

A book offering information, insights, and motivation to teach students of diverse cultural, racial, and linguistic backgrounds. Examples are included throughout to illustrate real-life dilemmas about diversity that teachers face in their classrooms; ideas about how language, culture, and teaching are linked; and ways to engage with these ideas through reflection and collaborative inquiry.

Added to Action Planning Tool

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