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Identifying Barriers: Creating Solutions to Improve Family Engagement

“This project began with a forthright question. Amidst racism, historical trauma, poverty, unstable neighborhoods, and systemic inequities in education, what will it take for nondominant students, families, and their communities to thrive? he Family Leadership Design Collaborative
(FLDC) is a national network of scholars,
practitioners, and family and community
leaders who seek to center racial equity in
family engagement by catalyzing an expansive national research agenda and developing
“next” (beyond current “best”) practices,
measures and tools. We envision family
and community wellbeing and educational
justice as core aims in work that begins from
nondominant family and community ecologies, creates ongoing transformative possibilities, and builds solidarities towards collective
action for racial equity, from early childhood to secondary education. We mobilize
inter-disciplinary and experiential forms of
expertise and approach families and communities — particularly those marginalized by
race, class, language, or immigrant status — as
learning experts, co-designers, collaborators,
and fellow leaders in the work. The first phase
of this multi-year effort is focused on building
this strategic network, co-creating a shared
agenda, and seeding new possibilities for
transformative shifts in family engagement. “

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