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Strategies for Equitable Family Engagement

Equitable family engagement focuses on meaningful engagement activities and systems between schools and families that do not characterize or treat specific parent groups as deficient in their level of engagement or approach to education (Day, 2013). This includes specific practices or approaches that reflect the values of a general group of families, as well as systems that foster tailored supports, flexible engagement options, and coordination between families and schools. For many schools, equitable family engagement includes a special focus on minority, immigrant, or refugee families.

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Strategies for Equitable Family Engagement
  • Equity
  • Family and community collaboration
  • Family and community engagement
  • Relationships
  • Publication
  • Community Organization
  • District
  • Educator
  • Intermediary
  • Principal
  • School Leader
  • Family and Community Collaboration
  • School to Family
  • Families
  • Anti-Racism, Bias, Relevance, Cultural Responsiveness