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Systems Change and Parent Power

“Systems Change is Education Philanthropy’s Only Exit Strategy:
And Parent Power is What Will Change Systems”
– Alex Cortez, New Profit

Philanthropy will never transform education systems until it transforms its own relationships with parents and communities, and then supports them in exercising their innate power to change policies, practices and resource flows in education. This will require us conquering our own biases, acknowledging the limits of our power, and giving up control of the agenda for change. If we are willing to listen to them, parents and communities will teach us how to do this.


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Systems Change and Parent Power
  • Family and community collaboration
  • Family and community engagement
  • Relationships
  • Two-way communication
  • Publication
  • Community Organization
  • District
  • Educator
  • Intermediary
  • Principal
  • School Leader
  • Family and Community Collaboration