Attendance Tracking Tool

Download this free attendance tracking tool from Attendance Works. Note that there is one that’s suited for schools and another for district use.

Toolkit of Resources for Engaging Families and the Community as Partners in Education

To be effective, communication must go beyond simply translating newsletters and e-blasts into a variety of languages. It is critical to consider the education and reading level of families, the delivery method, access to technology, culturally responsive language and representation in the messages themselves. Download this tool from Institute of Education Sciences and REL to help  build a cultural …

Panorama: Family-School Relationships Survey

Reaching out to our families, especially those from marginalized communities, in thoughtful and meaningful ways will help build and rebuild bridges and support student success. Downloading and conducting this Family-School Relationship Survey from Panorama Education is a great way to  provide schools with a clear picture of family attitudes about several key topics.

Maintaining Professional Relationships with Colleagues Resource Bundle

Maintaining Professional Relationships with Colleagues from Sanford Inspire. It provides concrete actions to take to maintain professional relationships with colleagues in a school setting. The article also shares four guiding principles for maintaining positive relationships.   Operate with an assets-based perspective.   Engage in reflexivity.   Build rapport.  Maintain professional boundaries.  

International Center for Leadership in Education: Pause & React tool 

While we focus on creating a positive environment in the classroom and school, it’s important to notice when students are struggling, not responding in their usual manner or stop engaging in the school community. Download and share the Pause & React tool from International Center for Leadership in Education which walks users through five steps and corresponding …

Wallace Foundation Tip Sheet: Selecting and Modifying Summer Curricula

Share this Tip Sheet by the Wallace Foundation with summer program leaders for guidance about selecting and/or modifying program curriculum. Guiding questions ground a curriculum search in the goals, structure, and resources of the program and the capabilities and professional development needs of staff. 

Attendance Letters

Here’s a quick video from Skyward that can help an attendance aid generate letters to families, though the best results come from more personalized efforts.

A Guide to Using, “Attendance Playbook: Smart Strategies for Reducing Chronic Absenteeism in the Covid Era”

In addition, their guide to using the Attendance Playbook, is a companion to the updated playbook and helps educators focus supports to groups of students who need additional help to overcome barriers to attendance and participation. It offers general ideas and tools, as well as charts and checklists, to determine what interventions to try with students …

Added to Action Planning Tool

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