Form Your Future FAFSA Tracker

The #FormYourFuture FAFSA Tracker is an interactive data dashboard that tracks and ranks states’ progress toward 100% of their high school seniors completing the FAFSA and measures change year over year. The tracker shows weekly progress and allows for year-to-year comparisons at the national, state, city, school district, and school levels.

College Cost Calculator

Share this resource with schools that will calculate post-secondary costs and compare financial aid resources, demystifying often-confusing financial aid awards.

Cappex College Match Tool

Another way to increase student autonomy and decrease the workload of counselors is this college match tool from Cappex that helps students explore match and fit. Counselor resources from College Greenlight are specifically geared towards supporting traditionally underrepresented students.

K-12 College and Career Readiness Calendar

This 15-Month College & Career Readiness Calendar for High Schools from the National College Attainment Network is interactive and has comprehensive categories, action items and resources. Filter for “Early Awareness” to see elementary and middle school activities and suggestions, many of which can happen virtually and are also great community builders.

Oakland Unified School District Data Dashboard

Oakland Unified School District uses these data dashboards combining 8th grade indicators along with other postsecondary readiness indicators to help proactively identify students with more needs and ideally set them up for more supports. In particular, Education Strategy Group’s strategies for keeping 9th grade students on track are beneficial to the college.

Attendance Tracking Tool

Download this free attendance tracking tool from Attendance Works. Note that there is one that’s suited for schools and another for district use.

Added to Action Planning Tool

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