Postsecondary Pandemic Survey

The purpose of the Postsecondary Pandemic Survey for current 12th grade students, and a newly developed parent survey, are aimed at assessing the degree to which the pandemic is impacting students’ postsecondary plans ranging from career/college exposure, college/financial aid applications, and postsecondary decisions and 2) translate data into practical applications for school counselors and programs …

Panorama: Family-School Relationships Survey

Reaching out to our families, especially those from marginalized communities, in thoughtful and meaningful ways will help build and rebuild bridges and support student success. Downloading and conducting this Family-School Relationship Survey from Panorama Education is a great way to  provide schools with a clear picture of family attitudes about several key topics.

Developmental Assets Profile-DAP

The Developmental Assets Profile is social-emotional assessment which measures the internal strengths and external supports of young people, and their growth in these key areas over time.

TNTP COVID-19 Support Survey

This resource includes survey questions designed to help district and network leaders understand what everyone in your school or school system needs during the COVID-19 crisis

Added to Action Planning Tool

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