Understood Resources

Resources to help staff learn how to make sure families of color are heard by the school • Article: Why Families of Color May Feel Uncomfortable Communicating with Teachers (Afrika Afeni Mills, MEd) • Video: Tips for better parent-teacher communication (Afrika Afeni Mills, MEd) • Advice: Perspectives: How to Make Sure Black and Brown Families …

Language for Forging Online Chats With Students

In online teaching environments, educators must be more intentional about checking in with students. This guide provides models for the kinds of questions and interactions that can engage students. From How to Build Relationships With Students During COVID-19 Guide

Teacher Planning Notebook

The handbook has various SEL-focused openers and closers (Slides 13-15) that teachers can use in remote or hybrid instruction. It also includes templates and strategies for planning for asynchronous and synchronous instruction.

Second Step

A SEL web-based program for middle school – focuses on the growth mindset and can be integrated into homeroom, advisory or elsewhere.

Priority Setting Questionnaire

A tool to get a quick snapshot of your district’s current approach to SEL and identify which key activities to focus on.

Strategically Choosing Co-teaching Models

This tool can help you choose a co-teaching model. It offers examples of what a range of co-teaching models look like in action and lists the benefits of each model.