Planning Guidance for Hybrid Teaching

This one-pager provides guiding questions and a quick activities checklist for districts and schools to use with teachers providing hybrid instruction (adapted by FHI 360 from An Introduction to Hybrid Teaching, College of DuPage)

COVID-19 Remote Advisory Activities

Offers a range of activities to help students continue to develop socially, emotionally, and personally with their peers. While all activities focus on relationship building, some couple that with basic tasks such as attendance and grade checks.

4-Assessment Strategies Distance and Hybrid Learning

This Edutopia article provides four assessment strategies that can help maximize teachers’ in-person time and promote rich, engaging assessment: • One-on-one conferences • Higher-order thinking assignments • Digital quizzes (Common Sense Education has a “best of” list) • Digital writing discussions


Etherpad is a highly customizable open source online editor providing collaborative editing in really real-time. Just divide students up in advance (alphabetically or another method) and give each of those “working groups” access to their shared workspace.

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