Etherpad is a highly customizable open source online editor providing collaborative editing in really real-time. Just divide students up in advance (alphabetically or another method) and give each of those “working groups” access to their shared workspace.

Socratic Seminar

Schools have also taken advantage of small hybrid classrooms to have rich, structured discussions or debates, where students can prepare in advance while remote. Facing History and Ourselves provides guidance on Socratic Seminars.

Beginner’s Guide to Flipped Classroom

Using a flipped classroom approach can provide a structure for students to work independently while remote and collaboratively when in school. Schoology offers a Beginner’s Guide to Flipped Classroom.

Distance and Hybrid Learning Principles

Teaching Lab’s “Distance and Hybrid Learning Principles” is a guide that helps educators plan to deliver instruction in fully remote or hybrid learning contexts.

Six Case Studies in Hybrid Models

Consider using or adapting one of the schedules in the six case studies that Education Week recently published. The strengths and challenges of each model are outlined.