Designing an Advisory System

Springpoint provides five case studies to highlight different ways advisory can be structured and run in a school. The case studies are all pre-pandemic but will help schools that don’t have advisory as they think about various models.

The Field Guide for Accelerating Learning, Equity and Well-Being

The Field Guide provides LEAs with tools to reflect on key lessons learned from 2020, plan a safe return to campus, respond to logistical needs of scheduling, develop effective communication plans, create continuity of learning, facilitate goal-setting, gain inspiration for what lies ahead, and more. It also includes a Personalized Planning tool.

Engaging Parents and Families to Support the Recovery of Districts and Schools

One in a series aimed at providing K-12 education decision makers and advocates with an evidence base to ground discussions about how to best serve students during and following the novel coronavirus pandemic. This brief provides strategies to consider and to avoid in regards to: How can schools and districts support families in their diverse …

Bell Schedule Builder

A free tool to help school and district leaders experiment with their bell schedule, keep track of instructional minutes and visualize how changes to the bell schedule impact the student and staff experience.

Plan Do Study Act template

Institute for Learning (IFL) with researchers at the Learning Research and Development Center are utilizing network models and Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles to accelerate improvement. By employing improvement science methods, we can ensure that the research-based practice improvements that we introduce into schools and systems are implemented in ways that lead to sustained and measurable gains in …

Transforming Educational Systems Toward Continuous Improvement: A Reflection Guide For K–12 Executive Leaders

This guide describes the key dispositions, core practices, and levers of transformation used by executive leaders, and within each category, it identifies vital elements of successful executive leadership of such a transformation. Each element includes a description accompanied by an illustration drawn from the experience of an executive leader. Some of these elements may be …

The After Action Review protocol

This protocol helps teams to assess successful and unsuccessful actions: What was supposed to happen? What actually happened? Why? What can we learn from this?

Added to Action Planning Tool

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