Oregon Gear Up Toolkit

Have schools plan one CCR event per grade level a year. A good place to start is this parent engagement toolkit from Oregon Gear Up that includes helpful tips for authentic partnership. These family workshop power points and agendas are easy to download and customize for your school or district Broadly sharing postsecondary family tools …

College and Career Planning

Creating or expanding family focused sites for postsecondary planning helps families explore postsecondary options together, rather than having the school be the sole information keeper. The NYC Department of Education’s K-12 college and career planning site is approachable and replicable for other schools or districts. These family inclusive suggestions for career exploration, organized by school …

Career Village Online Community

Online communities, such as Career Village, are helpful once students are narrowed in on what they want to do. Another meaningful way to bring careers to life is by implementing Khan Academy’s Career Unit in 9th or 10th grade. Students learn about career basics and in-depth work experiences of young professionals via subtitled videos. The …

Postsecondary Planning Milestones Toolkit

NYC Department of Education’s Postsecondary Planning Milestones Toolkit provides effective and actionable strategies. One is a 9-12 interactive postsecondary planning checklist that has lesson plans for teachers and advisors and helps students and families make meaningful traction towards postsecondary milestones.

K-12 College and Career Readiness Calendar

This 15-Month College & Career Readiness Calendar for High Schools from the National College Attainment Network is interactive and has comprehensive categories, action items and resources. Filter for “Early Awareness” to see elementary and middle school activities and suggestions, many of which can happen virtually and are also great community builders.

Keep students on track in 9th grade

Education Strategy Group’s strategies for keeping 9th grade students on track are beneficial to the college and career readiness of students from low-income households.

Oakland Unified School District Data Dashboard

Oakland Unified School District uses these data dashboards combining 8th grade indicators along with other postsecondary readiness indicators to help proactively identify students with more needs and ideally set them up for more supports. In particular, Education Strategy Group’s strategies for keeping 9th grade students on track are beneficial to the college.