High-Dosage Tutoring: Recruiting, Selecting and Training Guides

Choosing the right people for the job is critical: tutors’ values should align with your own and tutors’ skills should be suited to their work.  This toolkit has strategies and tools for tutors for recruiting, selecting and training tutors. 

Session Structure for High-Dosage Tutoring from the National Student Support Accelerator

Similar to classroom instruction, tutoring sessions should be carefully planned, proactive and relate to the grade-level content students are learning in the classroom. Help leaders guide tutors to have consistent structure and flow in their tutoring session design using this exemplar tutoring session structure from the National Student Support Accelerator.  

Information Brief: RTI Scheduling Processes for Middle Schools

School days are packed, but leaders must prioritize specific tutoring times in order to truly accelerate learning. This brief from the National Center on Response to Intervention has helpful approaches to and questions for optimal scheduling. See page four to learn more about how other institutions have established daily intervention classes.  

EdWorkingPaper: A Blueprint for Scaling Tutoring Across Public Schools

Various strategies support learning acceleration, but implementing tutoring is at the core. Some tutoring models use recent college graduates who receive stipends and a recent paper from Brown University presents a scalable model where high school students tutor elementary students via an elective class, college students work in middle schools via federal work-study and college students are …

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