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Who We Are We support family organizing and advocacy entities working to eliminate racial injustice in schools. To this end we develop tools and resources that help parents, teachers, and students create ideal learning environments for Black and Brown learners. Mission Close the academic opportunity gap by protecting the intellectual curiosity and positive racial self-concept of Black children …

The Field Guide for Accelerating Learning, Equity and Well-Being

The Field Guide provides LEAs with tools to reflect on key lessons learned from 2020, plan a safe return to campus, respond to logistical needs of scheduling, develop effective communication plans, create continuity of learning, facilitate goal-setting, gain inspiration for what lies ahead, and more. It also includes a Personalized Planning tool.

Engaging Parents and Families to Support the Recovery of Districts and Schools

One in a series aimed at providing K-12 education decision makers and advocates with an evidence base to ground discussions about how to best serve students during and following the novel coronavirus pandemic. This brief provides strategies to consider and to avoid in regards to: How can schools and districts support families in their diverse …

Family Engagement Resources in Spanish

Research-backed and culturally relevant materials including a Webinar: Distance Learning with Common Sense: Equitable Distance Learning for English Learners

Learning Hero Roadmap

A bilingual “roadmap” parents can use to help keep their children on track with math, reading, life skills, and more while school is closed.

Congrove Distance Learning Model

A distance learning plan that contains clear, concise language on: a distance-learning theory of action (page 2); Sample schedules (pages 3 and 5); Weekly individual learning plans and after-school support (page 4); Structures and operations for non-instructional staff (pages 6); Instructional design and delivery (pages 7-10); Learning community for school and family (pages 11-12); Systems …

Family and Community Engagement Planning Tool

Contains a series of questions that school systems can ask themselves to determine how to make the most of two other recent resources: 1.TNTP’s Five Essentials for Engaging Families and Community Partners in Reopening EffortsTNTP’s Five Essentials for Engaging Families and Community Partners in Reopening EffortsTNTP’s Five Essentials for Engaging Families and Community Partners in …

Virtual Coffee Hour

A toolkit for educators that helps them share resources about Google’s technology with families and guardians.

Added to Action Planning Tool

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