Strategy Videos

We created four strategy spotlight videos to highlight specific tactics districts are using to promote equitable and authentic family and community partnerships.

Creating physical spaces to meet families’ needs

School districts can play an active role in ensuring students and families have the services they need to be healthy and successful. In this video, districts discuss creating wellness centers, opening school-based health centers, and designating resources centers where community organizations can come together to provide services. 

Embedding equity in district FCC

School districts can work to ensure that every student and family, no matter who they are, has what they need to succeed. This video describes how districts can weave equity into their daily practices through embedding it in strategic plans, creating diverse community partnerships, and working to meet all families’ needs. 

Using data to engage families

School districts can collect and share a variety of data to ensure what they are doing works for everyone. This video offers examples of districts being intentional with what data points they use to measure success, how they collect data, and how they share it with the community. 

Supporting parent and community leadership

School districts can create decision-making groups that empower students, families, and community partners to share responsibility for important district efforts.  This video describes examples of districts taking action to create task forces to address critical issues, appoint leadership teams to focus on school projects, form advisory committees, and train family ambassadors 

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