Youth Financial Literacy classroom activities

CFPB has a searchable database of activities to help educators nurture financial capability across the curriculum. The classroom activities come with a digital teacher guide and supporting student material, so it’s easy to implement during hybrid and remote learning.

Trauma-Sensitive School Checklist

A checklist to create or refresh a trauma-informed action plan with five key components: School-wide policies and practices; Classroom strategies and techniques; Collaborations and linkages to mental health resources; Family partnerships and Community Linkages.

The Necessity of Having High Expectations

An article providing key reflective questions about rigor including–Are we giving accommodations in students’ zone of proximal development or their comfort zone? Do our accommodations empower students to access more content and higher-level thinking or do they remove learning opportunities? Are scaffolds gradually removed as kids approach independence or do the scaffolds anchor them in …

Language, Culture, and Teaching: Critical Perspectives

A book offering information, insights, and motivation to teach students of diverse cultural, racial, and linguistic backgrounds. Examples are included throughout to illustrate real-life dilemmas about diversity that teachers face in their classrooms; ideas about how language, culture, and teaching are linked; and ways to engage with these ideas through reflection and collaborative inquiry.

Racial Justice Guides for Educators and Families

In an effort to be affirming, reflective, and critical about how to approach and celebrate holidays as school communities, these guides offer curated lists of resources for educators and families that aim to provide inclusive understanding of Thanksgiving and religious holiday celebrations and strategies for supporting all students.

Added to Action Planning Tool

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