How do I use this guide?

Connected and Engaged does not need to be read cover-to-cover for it to be of value. It is organized so that educators can easily access the areas they need the most help with.

Navigating Sections of the Guide

Navigating this guide


Dive into Specific Strategies

Each section is made up of a series of pages that are focused on specific strategies. A strategy page includes the following features.

Dive into strategies

Customize a Plan to Target Your Specific Local Needs

We know that many instructional leaders will want to share sections of this guide with your faculty and staff. The Connected and Engaged Leadership Planning Tool will help you identify your priority areas, select the strategies and resources that best support your priorities, and articulate who and what should happen to move the work forward.

By taking about five minutes to consider your current strengths and areas for growth instructional as it relates to remote or hybrid learning, you can begin to create a customized improvement plan to put these resources to work.