Developmental Assets Profile-DAP

The Developmental Assets Profile is social-emotional assessment which measures the internal strengths and external supports of young people, and their growth in these key areas over time.

The Assessment Guide

CASEL’s interactive SEL Assessment Guide helps educators select and use the most popular SEL student assessments.

Self-Care: Self-Talk for Secondary School

A short collection of activities to help middle and high school students develop the key self-care practice of positive self-talk, ranging from affirmations to gratitude.

COVID-19 Remote Advisory Activities

Offers a range of activities to help students continue to develop socially, emotionally, and personally with their peers. While all activities focus on relationship building, some couple that with basic tasks such as attendance and grade checks.

Strategies for Elevating Student Voice

CASEL’s Strategies for Elevating Student Voice offers examples of ways staff can support and elevate a broad range of student perspectives and experiences. This tool includes classroom-based strategies such as interactive pedagogy, classroom community building, and project-based learning.

4-Assessment Strategies Distance and Hybrid Learning

This Edutopia article provides four assessment strategies that can help maximize teachers’ in-person time and promote rich, engaging assessment: • One-on-one conferences • Higher-order thinking assignments • Digital quizzes (Common Sense Education has a “best of” list) • Digital writing discussions