Attendance Letters

Here’s a quick video from Skyward that can help an attendance aid generate letters to families, though the best results come from more personalized efforts.

Home Visits

FutureEd’s home-visit guide will help schools set up a practice across grades.

The Success Mentor Implementation Guide

The Success Mentor Implementation Guide provides tips on how to implement a Success Mentor model at your school. It was created by the Department of Education for districts, schools, team captains and school partners.

A Guide to Using, “Attendance Playbook: Smart Strategies for Reducing Chronic Absenteeism in the Covid Era”

In addition, their guide to using the Attendance Playbook, is a companion to the updated playbook and helps educators focus supports to groups of students who need additional help to overcome barriers to attendance and participation. It offers general ideas and tools, as well as charts and checklists, to determine what interventions to try with students …

Attendance Pyramid Tiered Worksheet

This template from Attendance Works to name the tiered attendance supports you use in your system. By naming those supports, you can reflect on where your systems are strong and where you might want to strengthen a tier.

3 Tiers of Intervention

While most students will need general supports to encourage strong attendance, some students will need focused, small group interventions, and a few will need intensive, one-on-one interventions. Attendance Works outlines those three tiers and gives examples of interventions.

Added to Action Planning Tool

Check out the Resource Library

Our online library has hundreds of practitioner-friendly resources to support putting evidence into practice.