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Stories from the Field: Cultivating relationships through administrator actions

Download Cultivating Relationships Through Administrator Actions from Transforming Education for tips, strategies and practical advice from the field.   

Educational leaders can set the tone for supportive, collegial relationships in a variety of ways including:  

  • Being present during the school day; engaging with staff and students.   
  • Modeling respectful, engaging interactions with teachers and staff.  
  • Seeking teacher input on policies and procedures as appropriate.  
  • Encouraging innovation and celebrating successes.  
  • Putting systems in place for ongoing relationship-building, both formal and informal.  
  • Attending after school activities and events when possible. 
  • Community building
  • Relationships
  • Article (news or journal)
  • District
  • Principal
  • School Leader
  • The Comeback
  • Administrator to Teacher/Staff
  • Rebuilding Relationships