About Connected & Engaged

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This site is designed to help education leaders at all levels create the organizational conditions, culture, and climate that ensures student success. When used strategically, the guides on this site can help strengthen the factors that lead to meaningful student learning in these challenging instructional environments. FHI 360 created these guides based on insights from educators, researchers, and leaders in the field.

The guides are:



What the guides ARE What the guides AREN’T
  • Focused on district and/or intermediary support for school-based instructional leadership
  • Focused on Black, Latinx, and low-income students
  • A curated set of tools, protocols, and other resources to help districts and school leaders keep their focus on equity priorities and outcomes, especially for their most vulnerable students
  • A resource on topics unrelated to instructional leadership
  • A step-by-step manual
  • An endorsement of any of the brands or companies referenced as examples
  • A college and career readiness (CCR) handbook, although each section contains strategies and resources that contribute to CCR of students.